50 Shades of Terrifying

Over the past two weeks I have chosen a cover design, launched a website, and created a Facebook page for Blood Toy.  For years, I’ve talked about publishing one of my novels ‘one day.’  Now that I’ve made the official announcement, I find myself ever so slightly terrified.


There is no going back now.  Like when you decide to tell people you’re finally going to quit smoking or start that diet, every time they see you after it’s ‘how much weight have you lost?’ or ‘how long since you had your last cigarette?’  Once you tell people you’re going to do it, you either get it done or you suffer the embarrassment a year later when somebody sees you in your fat day jeans buying a pack of smokes. So, jitters or not, I guess this means I am finally publishing a novel this year, which brings me to that 50 Shades of Grey reference.

I am glad I am writing about this book while my blog only has a dozen readers (OK, 5) because, well, that means fewer people to piss off. Like everyone–and I do mean everyone–else in the world, I have an opinion about it. Which means I am going to offend half of those who ultimately read my opinion, because that’s what opinions do.  Unlike many of those who have taken to the web to share their opinion, I did actually read the book.

Until the last chapter or so, I thought my opinion of it would be totally favorable. Then Christian gives Ana six good licks in his Red Room of Pain (after she asks him to punish her, to show her what all the fuss is about) and she leaves him for it?! Not cool; I thought this was a BDSM novel. I also disliked the subtle suggestion that Grey’s kinky cravings were somehow justified by early childhood abuse. As if we need any justification for kinky cravings!

Despite my issues with it, I am not against this book.  If you love it, awesome.  Heck, I will probably get to the rest in the series one of these days.  My opinion of it only matters because I have one.  A strong one.  That’s the thing about this whole 50 Shades phenomenon that scares the hell out of me.  Everybody has something to say about that book. It has generated a positively adoring fan base and an outspoken group of haters.  Honestly, if there are so many people offended by (mostly) safe, sane and consensual, I am going to have to get a new mailbox to handle the slew of hate mail Blood Toy is going to see. Which admittedly would be a good problem to have because:

  1. It would mean Blood Toy sold over 100 million copies and was adapted into a major motion picture. Go me!
  2. It would mean that, for every hater out to get me, I would have at least one rabid fan to SMACK HER DOWN. Seriously, have you seen the comments section on any blog criticizing this novel? Equal parts: ‘Good for you for calling out such a blatant display of bad writing, romanticizing domestic violence, blah, blah,’ and ‘How dare you criticize what you don’t understand?!’

On second thought, nothing to see here. Carry on.

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