Sacrificing Vamp Heels for a Vamp Novel

So far I have rewritten BLOOD TOY three times, pummeled it thoroughly in four rounds of self-editing before my beta readers had a go at it, and one round since.  I am happy to say BLOOD TOY is damn close to being ready for copy editing!  Over the last week or so, I have narrowed my prospective list to two fantastic editors.  Both are in high demand and, while reasonably priced, will unfortunately take a rather large bite out of my….closet.  I just listed 26 items, mostly shoes (of which I have in near obscene abundance), for sale on eBay to pay for this venture, including my red soled Oh Deer! Louboutin knock-offs.  Never mind I cannot actually walk in five inch heels; this officially qualifies as bleeding for my art.  And anyway, I never had to walk very far when I wore them 😉


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