I Made You A Mix Tape (For Channeling Your Inner Weird Girl)

I am surprisingly ordinary for a writer. I actually have a pretty awesome 9 to 5 (ok, sometimes 9 to 8, occasionally 9 to midnight) career in advertising. I have been happily married for almost 13 years and have been Mom to an amazing 12 year old daughter for the last two. I drive a Volvo ferchristsakes.

When I was in high school, I was known as the ‘weird girl in the trench coat’ because I believed my flowing, black ankle-length duster went with everything. It was more of a cape than a trench, but…eh.  I had a lot of bullies.  Weird girls in trench coats usually do. I stalked them around campus writing their character sketches, so I could put them in my novels. And kill them off. (Poor, poor Trina.)

Naturally, when I write, I channel my inner cape-wearing weird girl vs. the Volvo-driving soccer mom. I even have a process for doing it:

  1. I make coffee.  I have no idea how I drank so much of the stuff in my twenties and ever managed to sleep.  I am ashamed to say I stick to decaf now after 5pm.  But still…coffee.
  2. I listen to nostalgia music.  Check out my mix tape playlist for channeling maximum inner angst.
  • Silent Lucidity – Queensryche, 1990
  • Sailing – Christopher Cross, 1979
  • Into the Mystic – Van Morrison, 1970
  • Wind of Change – Scorpions, 1990
  • Crucify – Tori Amos, 1992
  • Carnival – Natalie Merchant, 1995
  • These Dreams – Heart, 1985
  • Witchy Woman – Eagles, 1972
  • Whispers – Elton John 1989
  • I’ve Got Dreams to Remember – Otis Redding, 1968
  • Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics, 1983
  • Right Here, Right Now – Jesus Jones, 1990
  • Eye of the Tiger – Survivor, 1982

Obviously my inner weird girl has impeccable, if somewhat…er…eclectic taste in music.  Your’e welcome.


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