Networking, Marketing & Pretending To Know What I’m Doing

It’s easier than I thought it would be to create a person on the web, though perhaps a lot more work. In less than two weeks, I have created an author persona with a Facebook page, Twitter account, and a blog. B.K. Raine is also on Pinterest, Google+ and Goodreads. All of this based on the recommendation of few dozen blogs about marketing for indie/self published authors. I’ll try anything once. My brand is still in its infancy. I have three months to build reach.

I am, so far, pleased with my engagement on my blog, which is ultimately where I want readers to get to know me. Users are, on average, consuming 3 pieces of content per visit. Hell, I work in media, and know plenty of websites with a whole staff of writers creating content that would be thrilled with those numbers.

I thought I would post a blog about what I am doing now to spread the word and what’s working because, while I have been able to find a ton of vague advice out there, what I haven’t found is a concrete timeline and primer for progress. Maybe my trials and errors will be of help to (or a source of amusement for) others.  This is where I am now. Check back in a few weeks to see how things are coming along….

  • Facebook: No doubt, Facebook is the biggest traffic driver for me. I only have 9 followers right now (hard to build a following when you don’t want your neighbors and colleagues knowing you are an author just yet!), but Facebook has generated more than 3Xs the page views of any other source.
  • Forums: is my next biggest traffic driver, which is surprising since I only started posting there this morning. I am really interested to explore that community. Seems to be a great place to connect and collaborate with other writers…and readers! Eventually I’d like to have those.
  • Twitter: While Twitter is the easiest platform to amass followers (about 25 on average daily), engagement is a challenge. So far I have more luck getting folks to reply back when I comment on their tweets vs. getting anybody to comment on mine. One of my favorite authors, Annabel Joseph, tweeted back to one of my comments yesterday though, which made do a fist pump. Note to self: 38 year olds should NOT fist pump.
  • Google+: What do people do on Google+?
  • Pinterest: I have a couple of boards. Eh.

Next on my ‘to-do’ list:

  • Build more content. My aim is to blog daily. I will post progress, character interviews, marketing updates (like this one), lots of teasers and random stuff that pops in my head about writing, vampires, chicks that kick ass and bad guys that we love to hate.
  • Build my profiles. While I wish I looked like Diane (the chick ready to kick ass on my cover), I don’t. I am trying to figure out how to take a headshot that reveals my personality and puts a face on B.K. Raine, but is not too identifiable. Something like Ann Livi Andrews does here:
  • Build my community: While I admire many authors, I don’t know any of them. That’s going to change.
  • Find readers!  Think you can hide?  I WILL find you….


Image credit:  By lumaxart (3D Full Spectrum Unity Holding Hands Concept) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

3 thoughts on “Networking, Marketing & Pretending To Know What I’m Doing

  1. looks like you are on your way. keep up the great work. don’t forget to check out book fairs and craft fairs. know a school nearby? see if you can add your book to the library or some schools have small book fair tables that people can buy books off of. don’t limit yourself to just internet. you may have to hoof it too.


    • I sooo cannot add this book to the school library but once I have a book in hand (or avail for download), I will definitely be engaging in boots-on-the-ground marketing. I want to do some street teams with bookmarks to giveaway for free downloads on college campuses, gaming conventions, book fairs, etc..


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