Marketing Your Self-Published Book

Guest Post by Katherine Dell


The closer I get to publishing my novel, the more I realize how important it is to have a good marketing plan. Some very well written indie books never reach their target audience effectively because they are lacking just that. I’ve come up with a list of ideas to help me promote my book when it’s released. I hope it can be of some benefit to others struggling to get their self-published book out there.

Self-Pub Marketing Ideas:

  1. Word of mouth: Never under estimate this simple form of marketing. Tell everyone you know that you’re writing a book. That’s right, start talking about it when you’re not yet done. Create a buzz!
  2. Get on social medias: It’s never too early to start doing this. I’ve set up separate ‘writer-self’ accounts about a year ago. By the time my book comes out this fall I’ll have had the accounts just under two years, and will have built up an industry specific following. My favorite social medias are Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook. Be sure to research where your target audience spends the most of their time and learn to use their language effectively. Ie: Hashtags #.
  3. Consider writing a blog: The options for writing a blog are endless. You could blog on your own site or for someone else. Finding your blog niche can take a while, but stick with it and you’ll get noticed. Don’t forget to post your blogs via social medias!
  4. Review other indie author books: You review theirs, they might review yours… It’s just good karma. Post your reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Indigo/Chapters, Barnes and Nobel or anywhere books are sold. Don’t forget to link it back to social media or your website.
  5. Get a website: I had mine professional done. If you don’t have they capital for that there are many less expensive options.
  6. Join an online or face to face book club(s): Goodreads has many of these, some specific to indie authors.
  7. Do a blog tour: You can do it on your own blog or hire other blogs to spread the word that your book is out there. Even though I have my own blog, I’ll probably hire out for this. Blog tours that you can hire generally have a greater reach than you might be able to coordinate yourself.
  8. Go to your local libraries: Offer them a few books to put on their shelves. Ask if you could do a book signing. Basically, just talk to them. You might be surprised at the programs they have for Indie authors or just their willingness to help you out.
  9. Have a book launch party: I’m thinking of hosting one at my local community centre. Having it within a few weeks of your book release date will give people a chance to read it and keep the sales momentum going.
  10. Offer free books to reviewers: They’ll have to state on their reviews that they receive a free book for an honest review. The more positive reviews you get, the higher your ratings will get with on-line retailers.
  11. Do book signings: Depending on your budget and book popularity… the skies the limit.
    Pay for a professional book review: I’m told, the crème de la crème of book reviewers is Kirkus Reviews. If you want to take your book to the next level, here’s where to start.
  12. Farmer’s markets or craft sales: Depending on your book this might be an avenue for potential sales.
  13. Advertise in community publications: There are so many choices when it comes to advertising. Staying local might be a good advertising avenue for some.
  14. Talk to your local book stores: Not just about putting your book on the shelf, but other opportunities they might have for local authors.
  15. Author/writer events: There are a many of these events where I live that offer sales, networking, and learning opportunities for writers. When Words Collide and Wordfest are just some of the larger events in my area.

I hope this list of marketing ideas sparks a passion to tell the world about your book!

Good Luck and Good Writing.

Katherine Dell

Visit this post on Katherine’s site!

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