It Just Happened

I am going to make this quick today because I have a ton of work left to get done tonight, but I did promise a blog a day until release, so here goes. I am doing my final read-through of BLOOD TOY this weekend before sending to copy-editing on Monday. All the major stuff is done.  I am mostly checking for consistencies in POV in this read.

I am behind because I ended up writing a whole new scene today when, in the middle of Chapter 3, I thought to myself…Diane really, really needs a bath right now. So she was standing in Desollador’s bedroom with Desollador at the time.  And maybe there was a dead guy lying on the floor between them.  What was I gonna do?

Write the scene of course. It just may be one of my favorites.

mini tub MGD©

One thought on “It Just Happened

  1. Excellent, excellent. And you didn’t look at my blog, since that seems to distract you with unimportant things. 😉 Especially since you nuked a big chunk, gotta make up the words, right? Or the readers be like “book be short”. Even if it’s not.

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