Head Hopping, You Say?

Hi, folks.  This will be another quick post.  I am down eight chapters, with three still to go on my final read-through before sending BLOOD TOY to copy-editing on Monday. Eek!

old typewriter

The majority of BLOOD TOY is written in first person, in the voice of Diane Woods, my unfortunate protagonist. (I say unfortunate because Desollador and I torment her mercilessly for our personal enjoyment.  I suspect it will only get worse once I have actual readers to share the pleasure with us.) I have been inside Diane’s head for 22 years, so Diane’s story is about as tight as I can make it at this point.

However, I also write a good many scenes—one in every five or so—in third person, from the point of view of various secondary characters. I am really proud of most of these scenes, but I discovered a total newbie mistake just yesterday in the VERY FIRST SCENE.  I have read and revised this manuscript a dozen times. Why is it I never noticed my tendency to head hop in third person until just now?  Seriously.  I know better!

So pay attention folks…unless you are writing from third person omniscient point of view, and your narrater knows everything–which is difficult to do effectively because it is a voice that tends to distance readers–mind you don’t change point of view without also changing scenes. Every POV change takes the reader out of the story, which is something you I want to do as infrequently as possible.

Just glad I caught before copy editing…and really, really glad I caught before publishing. Pretty sure that would have earned a thorough tongue lashing by at least one opinionated reviewer out there!

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