I Just Jumped Right In Today


I wrote the first 1000 words on Book 2. While that’s only half as many as my self-imposed nightly goal, I also completed three hours worth of research on Medieval Europe.  Go me!

While many authors write their villain into redemption, I want to explore the circumstances that led to the corruption of mine. I have narrowed down the time period to roughly 200 years of the Reconquista. I have a lot more research to do before I can pinpoint the day that Christopher Desollador became a monster, but I am looking forward to writing it when I do.

I find the task ahead of me more than a little daunting. First, I have to become comfortably familiar with an era of history about which I know exactly nothing. Then I’d really like to figure out what the title of this thing is going to be, so I can stop calling it ‘Book 2.’  I am writing from an outline for the first time ever, which will either improve my efficiency or totally stunt my inspiration.  And….I still have nightly blog posts, networking with my thankfully growing audience, and more work to do to publish BLOOD TOY once it comes back from copy editing.

This writing business makes my day job seem like a vacation.

One thought on “I Just Jumped Right In Today

  1. Writing is what I WANT to do all of the time…but I have all of this other stuff I have to do.

    I can relate to your last comment completely on some days. This writing business is some serious busy-ness.

    And Go You! With your daily goal. Stay in the fight!

    ~ Nadine


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