The Blahs


This picture has nothing to do with today’s blog.  I simply got tired of looking for one that portrayed my mood and settled for one that amused me.

I am feeling uncharacteristically uninspired today.  Where my backstory was coming together beautifully last night, in the light of day, there are holes that I am having trouble filling, not because of any contradiction that cannot be resolved, but because a history buff, I am not. In absence of expertise or first-hand knowledge, I am at the mercy of what information I can find in reference books as old as me or the internet. There is a lot missing, and I find myself fearful someone who is a history buff will eventually pick apart my story and find it lacking, inaccurate, impossible. This is precisely the reason I prefer to write urban fiction…and fantasy. I have experience with the former, and no one can refute the latter…since it’s made the hell up. Despite my uncertainty, I am going to forge ahead anyway because crap writing it better than no writing. The first draft is always crap anyway, right, so I can always fix what ails it in revisions.

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