Call To Action: Write With Me…Dangit!

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Back in early April, I started a community story project. I had grand ideas of enthusiastic authors clamoring to be a part of my dinner-party-esque writing activity.  OK, maybe not quite clamoring, but I was hoping a few more folks would show up.  We’d all sit around drinking cool, smoking juleps and finishing each other’s sentences.   I won’t say my idea was a massive failure, but I will say only three people participated and one of those was accidental.

Thanks to kinnaret’s well meaning compliment–placed in the comments section–which I happily added to the story itself, this puppy just got a whole lot more interesting. I think. Anyway, I just uploaded a shiny new community page with the new story and contributor credits so far.

So…go write with me!

3 thoughts on “Call To Action: Write With Me…Dangit!

  1. We’re going to need some community developmental editing, I think. C’mon! Can we get 3-4 developmental editors to get in there?

    This process favors the pantsers over the plotters, I might add. Can’t we do 6 months of plotting? “You write that chapter, I’ll write this one.”

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    • Matt, I would go for that kind of collaboration if I had enough committed parties to each take on a whole chapter, but realistically..that’s not going to happen. I figure once we reach a logical conclusion, I’ll post a call to action for editors to go in there with a red pen. Would be cool for new authors to see what that process looks like cause let’s face it, that thing needs a lot of ink!


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