B.K.Raine: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


No, I did not just suddenly develop a narcissistic personality.  I wrote my author bio today, which forced me to think of random, writerly things about me that might be of interest to potential readers, and distill them down to an engaging, three-sentence blurb for my book jacket.  I decided this exercise would be a good one to get me started.  And since I didn’t have anything else to blog about today…two birds, one stone!

  1. I used to stalk people in high school. Looking for proof they were evil. I even kept surveillance notes…and called them ‘character sketches.’
  2. I also wore an ankle-length duster throughout tenth and eleventh grades, which earned me the nickname ‘weird girl in the trench-coat’…because kids are so effing creative.
  3. Which reminds me, if I don’t like you, there’s a good chance I will base a character on you…so I can kill you off.
  4. Other writers/bloggers I am totally crushing on right now: Jenna Moreci, Ann Livi Andrews, Katherine Dell, Matt Bowes, and Tick Tock (this girl needs to be a character in a book).
  5. My husband and I have an agreement to murder and bury each other in the back yard if it ever comes down to that or divorce.
  6. I refuse to claim the cat I feed first thing every morning (even before I pee), because every cat I’ve ever owned has died a horrible gruesome death. We call her ‘Not-My-Cat’.
  7. The original name for Blood Toy was Mice of the Maze. Which had absolutely nothing to do with anything.
  8. The original name for Book 2 was Dance of the Dog, which refers to nearly the same concept as Kindred Shadows.
  9. The original series name for Blood Toy was Children on E.V.I.L. Which kinda, sorta had something to do with something, but was still totally dorky.
  10. The most evil character in the whole series started out as a Luck Dragon. (Don’t try to understand that one without reading the blog.)
  11. I once eavesdropped on a conversation between two old ladies in a hot tub. One complained her dog had fleas. The other advised putting an amethyst in his water bowl to repell them. This old wives tale inspired a ward against vampires unique (I think!) to my series.
  12. I chose my cover after I dreamt my protagonist was waiting on a medical gurney for me to print up a 3d body for her (watching too much Eureka perhaps). When she tried this one on, she told me she effing loved it and I better effing buy it for her.
  13. Rewriting is my favorite part of writing.
  14. B.K. Raine is a pen name. B. and K. really the initials of my first and middle names, however I chose Raine because my mother nearly named my Rain, with a middle initial E, so that people could call me ‘Rainy’. Do not pronounce my pen name Rainy!
  15. The fictional town in my book—Benevolence—is actually a real place, though I didn’t know it until I created it. The real thing is eerily similar to what I imagined a town named Benevolence would be like.
  16. Great minds think alike. My best friend is also an author.
  17. My only published works to date have been a hilarious interview with an aging pyromaniac for an Appalachian heritage magazine and a one-page editorial about cigars.
  18. I have trouble with word-recall…except when I am writing.
  19. One of my most prized possessions is a VHS tape of Conversation with an Ogre, an interview with Piers Anthony, conducted by my first editor and mentor, Ron Lindahn.
  20. I have a completely white collar day job.  My colleagues have no idea I write at all. When they found out I write ‘vampire novels’, they never fail to express utter shock and disbelief. I guess I keep my inner weird girl well hidden these days.

One thought on “B.K.Raine: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. “…The other advised putting an amethyst in his water bowl to repell them.”
    Boy! If I had a quarter for every time a little old lady told me that.

    Liked by 1 person

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