4 thoughts on “Blood Toy in ONE Sentence

  1. Go buy “Save the Cat!” by Blake Snyder. It’s worth every penny of the 8 bucks you’ll pay. He’d beat you up more on your log line. You’ve done a good job of distilling it into one line, but Blake’s got a lot more to say on that, i.e. that it needs irony, and you need to describe the antagonist and protagonist in a way that instantly identifies them to us, such as “a bitter vampire hunter” or “a sensuous vampire hunter” or “a foolish vampire hunter” and the same deal with your protag– use an adjective to describe them.

    The book is worth the money. I chopped through 3 chapters at lunch. The genre section is fascinating.

    I blame Kristin. What are you so wise, Lamb??!!!!

    It’s going to reshape my novel.

    By the way, is that chain mail attached with medical adhesive? Speaking as someone who owns a 6 mm riveted chain shirt, I can tell you it’s not going to stay on top of that chest by gravity alone. It tends to flow downhill as rapidly as you let go of it. It also weighs quite a bit. If you wanted one for looks only, I guess you could do aluminum links, but it wouldn’t be the same. I’ve never understood Boris Vallejo women– they simply do not know how to dress properly for the cold. Imagine the fantasy diary of a medical examiner in a Boris Vallejo fantasy world: “Day 543: Today, we found six more women frozen to death on the glacier near the necromancer’s castle. All of them were wearing bikinis and fur underpants, but their bodies were bare of any other covering. Their high heeled boots had held up pretty well, considering where they were. None of the women seemed to be carrying provisions, water, or anything to start a fire. Also noted they had intricate and complex hair styles. Who is doing their hair? Per agreement with the necromancer, left the bodies with him to re-animate for his evil undead army. Gained 6 g.p.”


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