Empire Building and Whining


I am having one of those weeks. I need to vent, that is to write a massive fight scene with lots and lots of blood. Or a sex scene. I haven’t decided yet.

My day job is unfortunately wreaking havoc with my creative mojo. An oversimplification, but I am having contract issues and using a migraine-inducing chunk of left-brain power to navigate them. Since so much of my brain, even after regular business hours, is taken up with rational thinking at the moment, I decided to research the legal details associated with creating my self-publishing empire.  In so doing, I came across this fantastic article.

I am publishing Blood Toy under my imprint empire name: Benevolence Books.  Hilariously, I now need to go down to my county clerk’s office and file a Fictitious Business Name Statement. I am not even kidding.

On the writing side of things, I had to make a last minute change in Blood Toy.  It was minor, but aggravating.  I had quoted a popular song lyric in a scene wherein my protagonist is singing to herself. Despite including the artist credit in the text, that is a ‘no-no’. Thank you Booklife for this article. Man, it would have sucked to have to share my riches with said artist once Blood Toy hits the bigs.

Speaking of, I have had 2 pre-orders in two days. Well on my way to empire status.  At this rate, I am gonna break 200 copies by the end of the year lol. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, what are you waiting for?  I just received the final interior graphics for those pesky chapter titles and scene breaks. Nearly done with formatting…I think. Being a publisher is so much less fun than being an author!

Now…off to write that scene!

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