Do YOU Judge A Book By Its Cover?

People don’t tend to imagine I am the creative type. Even the family therapist–who has seen me once a week for five months–was shocked when my daughter told her I write vampire novels. Her exact words were:  Wow, I did not expect that. Apparently she isn’t the only one.

The fact that I am a writer came up a few times in casual conversation with a few of the moms and teachers with whom I traveled on my daughter’s field trip this week, and not one asked what I write about. As an experiment, just to see if I could get any bites, I actually inserted the detail that I was publishing a novel next month into as many conversations as possible today. No one expressed even a smidge of curiosity (though they had a million questions about my daughter’s adoption).

I admit I don’t look or act much like the type to write dark urban fantasy, much less the steamy yet squirm-inducing scenes that are my preference. My fellow chaperones know me as the “one always wearing a headband” as none have ever seen me in public without a head covering of some sort and may or may not suspect it is for religious reasons.  They know me as the mom who won’t let her twelve-year old daughter wear belly-baring bathing suits or shorts any shorter than the tips of her fingers. They know me as a wife who has been married to one man for over ten years and an ad executive who has been at the same company for nearly as many.

I am what my husband refers in car-speak to as a “sleeper.” The unassuming sedan that goads the hopped-up muscle car into a race, then blows its doors off as soon as the light turns green. I am proof you can’t judge a book by its cover. But you will anyway. Which is why mine looks like this:

Blood Toy e-book

You can Pre-Order now:)  Can’t wait?  I am looking for Advanced Reader Copy reviewers.  Just leave me a note in the comments below!

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