ARC Reviewers: ALL ABOARD!!!


I wanted to entitle this post: ARC Reviewers Are Like Unicorns. But that’s not true. They do exist, but are proving more elusive that I imagined. For every ten I email who review my kind of dark urban fantasy and whose reviews I enjoy reading, I get back one reply. For every three replies, one is available to review by launch…maybe. Another can get to it the month following release, and the last may be able to work me into the schedule later this summer. (Hey, I’ll take them all!)

I realize I should have started this process sooner. Or perhaps scheduled my release for a later date. But I neither had the polished proof ready for reviewing eyes to see nor the patience to prolong what has been 22 years (and counting) in the making already.  This ride IS leaving the gate on June 29th, with or without a full car. I trust when everyone in the park hears the screaming from the ones on board…they’ll get in line.

If you’d like a ride before then, let me know;)

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