Interview With a Vampire (Hunter)

I had a bad day. I don’t much feel like blogging at the end of it, and would totally skip it except for the commitment I made months ago to blog daily until the Blood Toy is released on June 29th.  Until I typed that last sentence, I had no idea what today’s blog would even be about. But then it occurred to me: Blood Toy’s protagonist, Diane Woods, feels like this every day–doing what she must only because she’s committed to do it and would feel guilty if she didn’t–except with the constant threat of death and a good measure of guilt hanging over her head. So I figure…today is a good day for an interview. Here goes!

How did you get your name? ‘Diane’ started out as just ‘Di’ (pronounced Dee), which is the last syllable of my author’s given name. As for ‘Woods’…I was named after a girl whose last name was ‘Oaks’.  When B.K. was 16, she thought the forest reference was clever.

How did you become a vampire hunter? One of them killed my parents. Didn’t you read the synopsis?

If you had a chance to see them again, what would you say to them? I’m sorry I went back to sleep. But…I will kill the bastard.

If they hadn’t died, would you have ever left your home town? Yeah, I would have. Benevolence is one of those tiny towns where you can get lost in the right direction.  There’s practically nothing to do but leave. I had this stupid high school crush…he never even knew I liked him. But he always said he was getting out the day he graduated, and I had already planned on following him to college. Jeez, how pathetic is that?

Have you ever been in love? Hmmm…I suddenly have an urge to beat the shit out of something.

Ok, on to safer ground then. What is your earliest memory? My parents were good Christians, tithed 10% to the collection plate every Sunday morning and Wednesday night, and bought little Verse-a-Day calendars to mark the year. They even remembered to tear the pages out of it most of the time. But the Bible always read like fiction to me. It’s not my earliest memory, but one I think about often is the day I got baptized. I had this idea right before I went under that once my sins were all washed away, I’d be able to see those miracles they were always reading about…or demons. I didn’t care which at the time.  So boys and girls…be careful what you wish for and all that.

You are obviously a strong, independent woman who kicks ass. Would you consider yourself a good role model? No. Well, maybe. I guess if you’re going for persistence, I’m your girl. But role models should probably have a clear moral code and social skills, and I…don’t.

What would you do differently when you met Desollador, knowing the things you know now? Not a damn thing. People may think less of me…based on some of my actions. I know at least a few already do, but, as I told Roger:

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 9.25.27 PM

Speaking of Roger, would you have done things differently with him? There’s that urge again.

What is the thing you want most in this world? To be normal. To…not know.

What if normal just isn’t in your cards? It isn’t. In the cards, I mean.  But eventually I’d like to be left alone.

Will you ever have kids? No, not a chance. Having friends is bad enough.

If you had to chose between death or turning which would it be? Depends.

On what? On whether I could kill my Sire.

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