A Break from the Complaining

I am that friend going on “about the tiny minuscule things that she has found in her 1 millionth revision.” LOL;)


I have been doing a lot of griping about the editing process here lately, so tonight I thought I would take a moment to praise those brilliant minds out there who not only enjoy it, but make it their life’s work helping others to get it done.

It takes a special breed of person to take in and filter all of those rules, to tirelessly scan for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and the maintaining of proper tense. I listen to my editorially inclined friends talk and my brain starts to spin. There are so many things that my 13 years of schooling did not even begin to cover…or maybe I didn’t pay enough attention in class.  That however, is beside the point.

I look on in awe of those with this gift like they are some sort of grammar super heroes, their talents like super powers…

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