Musings About Multiple Personalities

If I put all my closest friends together in one room, they would have little to nothing in common. It is highly possible they wouldn’t even like each other. But I don’t get them together in one room, any more than I would put my very redneck husband in the same room as my very yuppy colleagues. I even keep separate social media circles.  I joke I have a friend to go with each of my personalities.

Even more than I compartmentalize my friends and family, I compartmentalize my selves, my professional self and my author self. Wife self and mom self. Spiritually, I have what I would consider a mildly witchy self and one that studies the Hebrew bible…for fun.

I am not sure if I consciously created Diane in my image, but my protagonist is easy to write because she too compartmentalizes herself, as the blurb says, “Assassin * Dreamer * Girl.” Perhaps that’s why this is one of my favorite paragraphs in Blood Toy Book 1.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 1.08.05 AM


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