Blood Toy Brings Seductive Evil And Delicious Cruelty Back To The Modern Vampire Tale!



July 1, 2015—Blood Toy is the story of Diane Woods, a single-minded vampire huntress, who, during her three-year quest for vengeance, unwittingly attracts the attention of the one sire she cannot kill. What begins as a simple assassination turns into a cat-and-mouse game with a sadistic predator who hungers for more than blood. “I really enjoyed the fast paced nature of the plot,” says Ann Livi Andrews, author of Hollow Towns. “I was quickly thrown into Diane’s world and was immediately caught up in the action. We’re introduced to Diane’s antagonist shortly after that and I was not disappointed with his mind games and stalkerish attention to Diane.”

Mack Moyer, author of Sketches of the Wigwam, called Desollador, Blood Toy’s chief antagonist, “an excellent bad buy—a psychopath of Ramsay Bolton proportions.” He goes on to say, “Blood Toy will appeal to vampire lovers. Even for non-vamp fans, the devastating yet intriguing happenings between Diane and Desollador make this novel worth your cash.”

Blood Toy is the debut novel of North Carolina author, B.K. Raine. Raine believes in grabbing a reader’s attention from the first page and ending every paragraph, scene and chapter with a compelling reason to keep reading.  Hayden Linder, author of The Hand of Death says, “This was a book I could not put down. The story is original well thought out and superbly executed by Mrs. Raine. I would award SIX stars to this novel if that were an option.”

Raine cautions that Blood Toy is, despite erotically charged and mature content, not a paranormal romance. “This is an adult book that, in the my opinion, made all of my other adult books seem suitable for children,” Samantha Edwards of Fiction—A Separate World writes, “but it was different and I’m excited for more from this author.” If you like your vamps sexy as hell and unapologetically evil, and your heroines tough—with unflinching resolve—but vulnerable, don’t miss Blood Toy.

Kindle and Paperback editions available now on Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited.

B.K. Raine lives in North Carolina with her husband, teenage daughter, two dogs, and a cat she insists isn’t actually hers because every cat she’s ever owned has died a sudden and gruesome death. By profession, Raine is a media advertising executive but has been an author since she was 16, penning her first book on wide-ruled paper with a No. 2 pencil. Her first editor told her she couldn’t write but had some great ideas, and if she was willing to leave her pride at the door, he’d teach her the rest. Blood Toy is the debut novel in her dark urban fantasy series. Look for Book 2, Kindred Shadows, Fall 2015. You can learn more about B.K. Raine, read her blog, and stay tuned for upcoming books at

Note: Reviewers were provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Blood Toy Brings Seductive Evil And Delicious Cruelty Back To The Modern Vampire Tale!

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    I had the honor of Beta reading this book months ago and have been anxiously awaiting it’s release. I bought my copy on Monday when it came out and let me tell you, It is fantastic! Non-stop, written with great detail, you won’t want to put it down.

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