Blood Toy – It’s Launch Day!

Blood Toy is finally out in the world. It took over two decades to work up the nerve to let people other than my closest friends in on the story that has been my obsession for so long.  I will be the first to say, my book is not for everyone, but fans of dark erotica, horror and urban fantasy will LOVE THE HELL OUT OF IT and will be waiting impatiently for Book 2, Kindred Shadows, this Fall!  On the flip-side, the Twitter fiasco that was #AskELJames today has me downright terrified of potential fallout from unsuspecting romance fans who wander into my world expecting something else.  Blood Toy’s latest 5 star review does a great job warning readers what they will be getting themselves into if they decide to explore, but I still debate whether I need to include a stronger warning in my synopsis.

I wanted to post my press release tonight, but am still waiting on final permission for a quote I will be including, so in the meantime, a reminder to enter to win your copy.  Only a few hours left!!! And if you miss the deadline, you can finally buy one!  Or read for Free with Kindle Unlimited.

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Blood Toy by B.K. Raine

Blood Toy

by B.K. Raine

Giveaway ends June 29, 2015.

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