Whats It’s Like Publishing A Book. Three Days After Launch.

The Good:   Knowing that people who want to read my book….finally can!  Congratulations from friends and family and the support of fellow readers and authors.  Being added to 365 ‘to-read’ lists on Goodreads.com.  Finally letting my mother read it and finding out she isn’t too horrified by the naughty bits.  Listening to my father work up the nerve to consider reading in spite of the warnings re. violent and mature content in those Amazon reviews.  Chummy email correspondence with one of my favorite authors, followed by plans to exchange autographed copies of our novels. (Real paperback copies, though, thanks to Mike Wells, I also learned how to sign Kindle copies).

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.32.38 PM

The Not-So-Good:  Getting asked by anyone and everyone who knows I’ve just published a novel ‘how it’s going’ when it’s only been out three days, and my first touch sphere of influence is still less than 2000 people (despite three or four months of near full-time platform building).  In marketing, a conversion rate of 2-5% is generally considered a success. Sooo by that math, it’s going great. Aaaand I need a hell of a lot bigger sphere to make any money at this.  I know this is a marathon not a sprint, but it’s a hard sell to people who have seen the effort you put into getting this far.

From where I sit, three days post launch isn’t much different than three days before launch.  Still building my platform.  Still writing my next novel.  Only now I keep one tab open for KDP and another for Goodreads and…Just. Keep. Hitting. Refresh.

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