A Review, an Observation, and a Warning!

I received my first Verified Purchaser review on Amazon today. What a wonderful surprise to combat those Monday morning blues! Again, this review was thoughtfully written and explained exactly what the reader liked about Blood Toy. It seems, based on this review and my limited advance reader pool, that men are fans of my sadistic take on vampires. Women have been split in preferring a more romantic villain and appreciating Desollador’s cruelty.

Up until the reviews started pouring in, I never even considered the possibility/probability that Blood Toy would appeal to men. If I could go back in time and watch Jenna Moreci’s vlog on beta readers before I got to that stage, I would totally get some dudes read the book back then. I was, however, waaaaay past the beta reader stage in May when that vlog went up, so where was Jenna’s wisdom when I needed it? Just kidding–Jenna’s awesome! But seriously, a wider representation of readers in the beta stage would have revealed any masculine appreciation for Blood Toy so I could have started marketing to that audience much earlier.

I find it slightly amusing that almost every recommendation for Blood Toy to date comes with a warning. To paraphrase every one of them: This book contains some serious sadistic sh*t.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 6.48.02 PM

What does it say about my reading habits that I did not think Blood Toy’s content was that dark when I wrote it? Rhetorical question. I know exactly what it says;)

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