Has It Been Three Months Already?


In early April, I outlined a set of goals for myself for the next three months.  Thanks to Jenna Moreci’s vlog today, I now know it’s time to see how I did.  Her last goal setting vlog inspired my first one, so I guess she has officially become my quarterly goal review reminder person.  Hope she doesn’t forget in October!

The main reason I decided to set goals in the first place is to avoid spending 22 years writing the sequel to Blood Toy.  ‘Cause that’s how long I spent writing and completely re-writing Book 1. Since prevailing wisdom says the best way to market a book is to write (and publish) the next one–ideally before everyone that enjoyed the first one forgets about it–I wanted to complete some tasks to move that marketing machine along.  Ideally, I’d like to be publishing books three months apart, but that goal might be a little lofty while I still have a day job. 


  • Get Blood Toy into copy-editing.  Hell yeah, I got that sh*t done!
  • Reach 1000 followers across all social media platforms. (Only 217 to go!)  I don’t know if I hit it in April, but I am over 1000 now, so WIN!
  • Blog every single day.  Did it.
  • Finish outline of Book 2. (This is how I plan to avoid stalling and keep momentum going from start to finish.)  I made an outline…


  • Finish Copy-editing for Blood Toy.  Done!
  • Blog every single day. Did it again!
  • Write 150 pages on Book 2.  I am only 106 pages into Book 2, so this Goal is a big fail.  If I had actually followed the outline I spent so much time creating back in April, I might be farther along.  More likely, if I had spent the time writing that I spent outlining, I would be even farther along. Turns out…I am not an outliner.  I slogged through the first five scenes according to my trusty map, hating the story every step of the way, until I wrote one just for fun that wasn’t in the outline.  And that’s where I started enjoying myself.  So I am officially calling it.  I’m a pantser.
  • Reach 2000 followers across all social media platforms. (I know ambitious, right?) Why doesn’t anybody love me?!


  • Proofread and publish Blood Toy.  Happy Dance–Done!  You can buy it in paperback or get it on your Kindle here!
  • Blog every single day.  Done, done and done!
  • Write 150 more pages pages on Book 2.  Bwhahahah!
  • Reach 3000 followers.  Why?!


  • Finish First Draft of Book 2.  So this goal feels like a big black cloud looming over my head this month.  I would need to average 10 pages a night to make this happen.  While not impossible, I don’t see this happening.

Now for extra credit, I accomplished quite a few things that weren’t among my quarterly goals:

  • I chose a name for Book 2: Kindred Shadows
  • I launched Blood Toy with 5 ARC reviews
  • I managed to get 6 reviews on Amazon and 12 ratings/9 reviews on Goodreads averaging 4.7 and 4.5 respectively within one week of launch!

Now it’s time to set goals for the next three months. Here goes:


  • Write 120 pages of Kindred Shadows
  • Grow my social media following to 1500.
  • Blog every single day.  (I was planning on slacking off on this one once my book was published, but I see now that would be a mistake.  Good content is the only way I know to attract followers.)
  • Find 10 marketing opportunities outside of my current social circle for my Kindle Countdown deal July 24.
  • Figure out what the heck is wrong with my hardcover file for IngramSpark.


  • Finish the first draft of Kindred Shadows.
  • Make Blood Toy available in hardcover.
  • Commission the cover for Kindred Shadows (Donna Murillo!)
  • Do one author interview each week.
  • Find 10 additional marketing opportunities (Maybe if I’m lucky some will fall into my lap.)
  • Grow my social media following to 1750.
  • Recruit 10 beta readers.


  • Revise Kindred Shadows and get it into beta reading.
  • Grow my social media following to 2000.

If I stick to this timeline, I should be able to start copy-editing in October and publish Kindred Shadows in November, not quite 90 days after Blood Toy’s launch, but well within the vague release date of ‘this Fall’ I announced in my bio.  An announcement I made deliberately to ensure I didn’t waste any time getting on with the next chapter in the series.  

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