Write With Me Round 4 & Teaser Contest!

For those of you unfamiliar with this page on my site, some months ago I started a Community Story, based on a rather ominous picture of a gal with her ear to a large tree stump and a man standing in the background.  I thought it looked rather like she was about to get her head chopped off, but that is not the direction the story took. At least…not yet;)

The premise of a Community Story is the same as the Telephone Game.


Go on over to the Story page, and see how it works, add a few lines of prose or dialogue (or poetry…I am still hoping for poetry), then post your teaser images in the comments of this feed. Be sure to add photo credit!  I will not use a photo that does not include credit on this blog unless I own the rights to it, or it comes from here.

The teaser should include:

  • Photo
  • Suggested Title
  • Subtitle: “A Community Story”
  • An interesting line or two from the story

Once we have a good teaser, I’ll use it to promote the story on Twitter and Facebook.  Next round, I’ll put a call out for editors!

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