When Fishermen Cannot Go To Sea…

…They Mend Their Nets.

girl with net

I don’t know where I first heard that saying, but it is one of my favorites.

I’ve hit a sales slump this week. Once a source of great joy and pride, my KDP sales dashboard has become a bruise I can’t quit poking.  (Free Blood Toy Desktop Wallpaper to the first person that can name the scene from my book that inspired that bruise metaphor.)

Reviews are good, so I am guessing the issue is discoverability.  My sphere of influence is still fairly small, and I imagine those friends and followers who planned on buying Blood Toy already have.  My Kindle Countdown deal starts next Friday, with a number of promotions scheduled around it, so I am hoping to get the Amazon algorithms working in my favor by month’s end.  In lieu of that, of course the next, most powerful marketing tool I have–my net–is another book.

And on that note, Kindred Shadows is finally beginning to take shape.  As the story progresses, I find myself straying further and further from my outline.  While I have a few known waypoints and a final destination in mind, I am enjoying wandering down every unplanned twist and turn the plot takes me along the way. I’ve even discovered an unexpected mystery lurking in the…er…shadows.  Look for Book 2, Kindred Shadows, this fall.  In the meantime, if you haven’t read Blood Toy, paperback and Kindle editions are available now on Amazon.

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