RIP: My Dead Darling!

My family and I are enjoying a few days in the mountains this weekend, so I decided to cheat a bit on my blog tonight.  Not long ago, I shared a sample scene from Blood Toy.  Tonight I will share one that ended up on the cutting room…er…file.  I killed it because it did not move the plot forward, was somewhat redundant and just not up to the standard of erotic torture or willful resistance I demand from my story. I only kept a line or two, inserted elsewhere in the final manuscript. But nonetheless, it was a perfectly fine scene (though unedited) and deserves a proper memorial, a brief moment in the spotlight before it is forgotten.


I came back to my body as awakening from a deep sleep–slowly, reluctantly, mazy. My eyelids slitted open. My breath was a sigh that became a groan. Desollador’s weight on me made breathing difficult. I was fresh out of parlor tricks and deeply afraid.

I expected his anger for theft of his blood and the desecration of his tattoo on my thigh. I expected retaliation. I expected him to torture me in so many ways just to prove me powerless to stop him.  I didn’t expect his amusement.

His smile was nearly audible. “I knew you were worth my attention, Pet, but I had no idea how much. I am looking forward to discovering all of your secrets, then sucking them from you one by one.”

Despite my fear, I managed to speak like I was still the bad-ass who was capable of mutilating myself to be rid of his Mark. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll  figure out how to kill you if you keep sparring with me like this?”

Silently, with a gesture water fluid, the vampire flicked out the bulbs from a pair of night lamps straddling the bed, leaving us in a shower of sparks and moonlight. His lips teased my ear when he whispered, “I’ll tell you a secret.  If you could make me afraid of anything, Diane, you would never need to kill me.”

Desollador tugged at my ear with his teeth, but he drew no blood, not yet. He moved on to my mouth, kissing and nibbling my lips. Part of me—the sinner—enjoyed it, even craved it. Another part of me, the one that should have most mattered, felt his evil and was sickened by it. I will not admit which part of me was stronger, but it was a token fight I put up.

The vampire knew it, but held me down anyway, laughing, “So it will make you feel better if we make it look official? Don’t worry, Pet. Your secret is safe with me.” A pause, significant and weighted and loud. “But remember I do know your secret—you enjoy this.”

A lie would have served no purpose. “I will kill you. When I know how. Not tonight. But I will kill you.”

“And I you, Pet.” His mouth descended again. It was some time later when my blood began to flow.

Stupid girl. Week little assassin. Whore.

There was laughter in the vampire’s reply. “Stupid—not quite. Weak—not enough. Whore—not yet.”

If you’d like to read the parts I didn’t kill, Blood Toy is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle Editions.

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