Being Human and Being Faithful?

One of my personal hot buttons is cheating. I was caught in the crossfire of adultery when I was sixteen, and still hold a grudge. I have gotten past it, but I have this tendency when watching a movie or reading a book to wish death on any character that commits the act. Immediately and without exception. My personal obsession with it even bled over (pun intended) to my novel. Desollador also has a bug for adulterers (as evidenced by the “girl in the box” scene.)


Tonight on Humans, a character activated the ‘Adults Only’ setting on his synth while his wife was away. As soon as I saw where the scene was headed, I said, “And now she has to kill him.” My husband wondered why. As he knows my opinion on adultery and the death penalty, his confusion was, well, confusing. He reasoned that adultery could only be committed between human beings; a robot with human attributes wouldn’t count. I got it in writing that the deal worked both ways, so will be buying a Vin Diesel synth as soon as they are available. Until then, I wanted to take a little poll.

Sex with a synthetic human being: cheating or high tech wanking?

6 thoughts on “Being Human and Being Faithful?

  1. I would I have to say yes. I’m all for spanking it when the need arises but the minute you start doing that with something… extra. It usually means there is a problem. Whether that “extra” is an inflatable black sheep or a sex-droid is immaterial.

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    • Wasn’t Jimmy Carter famous for saying that just thinking of cheating is cheating? Would you go that far? I suppose I agree with Hayden.

      My experience indicates that people who cheat, if they wired for monogamy, which cannot be assumed, cheat because they are unsatisfied with their primary relationship and don’t know how to repair it or leave it.

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  2. Are you talking about the show Being Human where there are a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf or were you talking about the AMC show Humans ( I think it was Humans.

    In the context of the show, these robots possess a level of intelligence and in the case of Mia (Anita), sentience. While people may use additional tools and/or toys for sexual gratification such as vibrators or sleeves or whatever, there is a line when you take things from an inanimate toy to an intelligence that is capable of making decisions.

    If Synths existed today in the real world, I would have to say yes, it is cheating…unless your significant other knew ahead of time what you were doing and had no issues with it. For some people, they would be okay with it. Others would not.

    “Kinky is just using a feather, really sick is using the whole chicken.”


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