Kindle Countdown for Blood Toy Ends Tomorrow!

Wow, time flies! My first ever Kindle Countdown deal is ending in 28 hours.  So I did some number crunching tonight to see how it’s going.  In the last six days, I have 1) sold as many Kindle editions and 2) generated half as many Kindle Edition Normalized Pages Read as in the 25 days prior to the sale (including pre-orders).  I also ranked as high as #186 in the Dark Fantasy sub-genre of Horror.  While I did make it on the top 100 Best Seller list of Erotic Horror not long after launch (and on the same page as Laurell K. Hamilton no less), I believe the Dark Fantasy genre is ultimately a better fit for me–despite Blood Toy’s admittedly violent sexual content–so the higher ranking in this category is a big win to me.  Off-hand, I know half a dozen promo sites included Blood Toy in their bargain deal e-mail blasts.  Considering all these cost me was the time it took to submit details about my deal, I would definitely consider those a worthwhile investment.

While I am not quitting my day job any time soon, I believe Blood Toy is off to a great start with respectable sales figures. The Kindle Unlimited program has increased my exposure by at least 50%.  It is hard to say for sure since I can only see the number of pages read vs. the number of units downloaded, however if I divide the number of pages read by the number of pages in the book, I get a number that equates to half of my total sales.  I don’t think I would have sold as many copies on other venues (B&N, iTunes, etc.) so I will definitely be re-enrolling in KU to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Countdown next quarter!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Blood Toy yet for 99 cents, last chance!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.17.57 PM

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