I know I have not blogged in ages (OK, 17 days). I didn’t just bail on you, I promise, but I did get distracted.  If you will recall, two of my last three blogs, were about the books on Blood Toy’s “Also Bought” list. So, for my first excuse:  I have not been blogging because I have been reading as many books on that list as I can get my hands on through Kindle Unlimited.

I reviewed Dark Moon Rising (Stella Brock Book 1) about a week ago. WOW, I loved this book. 5/5 Stars. The only thing that gave away this book was self-published was the few (and I do mean few) typos that a few more proof-reads would have caught. That said, I didn’t take off any stars for it, because this is just about the best self-published novel I have read in maybe…ever. Character development was solid. Characters were likable or detestable as needed. The story was just pleasantly dark. The sexual tension was high. The protagonist was bad*ss and the men in her life diverse enough it was hard to pick a favorite. This is as good as anything I have read recently published by the big 5!

I immediately tried to find Book 2 and was disappointed to see it was not out yet…but thought, hey no problem, I can wait for it. Then I saw that Book 1 had been published 19 months ago, and the author has not yet announced a release date for Book 2. I immediately searched her Amazon author page for answers and saw I was not the only reader hooked and hoping for a sequel. I sincerely hope to see more from this indie author eventually.

Speaking of eventually, while I have slacked on my blog over the past few weeks, Blood Toy Book 2 is moving right along! The first draft–which, for me, is the most difficult one–is halfway to completion. My goal is to publish Kindred Shadows Fall 2015 or by December 21st! I am not setting a release date yet, because I will release sooner if I can.

Aside from reading and writing, I am also doing some editing for a friend on her debut novel, Memories and Lies, also releasing this year! If you haven’t already, check out her page.

And last but not least, Blood Toy made it to the Top 100 Bestseller Lists for Dark Fantasy Horror in the UK! Check it out:)

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.38.57 AM

Kindle Countdown on Amazon.co.uk ends in 8 hours.

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