I was a Teenage Witch?

Funny enough, my daughter had to sign a “no witchcraft” contract for her school last week. Apparently announcing “I am going to cast a spell and turn myself into a werewolf” is NOT appropriate at a Christian school. I tried my best to be convincing when I said I could not imagine where she might have gotten the idea. Really, she isn’t allowed to read my books!


My mom once thought that I was a witch. It was back in the mid-nineties when the movie “The Craft” came out. My best friends and I were obsessed with it and watched it at sleep overs. That and a few candles was all it took for her to confront me in front of my friends. She would not have this evil in her house. (Though it was her Blockbuster account that rented it and it was before her devout christian days.)

My friends all laughed it off after she left but the truth is that she was serious. My mother is a good person and I love her, don’t get me wrong, but my dealings with ignorant people started with her. She would confront me many times after that, cornering me and telling me of my place in hell for things that she assumed I was doing. When I…

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