Thrills, Daydreams and Delusions of Invincibility!

My husband and I just bought a Polaris Slingshot.  Is it a bike? Is it a convertible?  It is a Batmobile?  You be the judge. 

Polaris profile

What it is…is a sh*t ton of fun!

My parents tell me the first time I rode on the back of Dad’s motorcycle, I was in a car seat, and I can’t remember him being without a bike for more than a year or two since.  He’s 60(ish) now.  Every summer, we took a motorcycle trip through the mountains to Boone, NC.  When I married my husband, it wasn’t long before we took the trip on our own Honda Valkyrie. 

Years after that, my Dad hit a patch of oil on the interstate and laid down his bike.  His shirt sleeves and the skin on his forearms were shredded, but he was otherwise unscathed.  I was not.  For the first time since I rode on the back of my father’s Honda Goldwing with my hands out to catch the wind, daydreaming all the stories I would eventually write as we navigated the twists and turns on the Blue Ridge Parkway…I realized my Dad could fall.  And if he could fall, so could my husband.  And if I was riding with him, so could I. 

I rode less and less after that because it was impossible to keep the ‘what-if’s at bay long enough to enjoy the ride.  For my husband, the risks were worth the reward.  I told him I’d be more comfortable if he’d ride on three wheels instead of two.  I tried to convince him to look into a Cam-Am Spyder for the added stability, but he couldn’t stomach losing the authentic motorcycle ‘lean’ for something that wouldn’t be any more comfy or cool than his cruiser.

Until he discovered the Slingshot.  Enter his boyhood dream of driving a Formula One racer.  This thing is classified as a motorcycle because it has no airbags, but what it does have is a roll cage, seat belts, traction and stability control, side-by-side seating and a low profile design that handles the mountain twisties like its on rails.  And three wheels!!!

I got to take my first ride it in this weekend and for the first time in ten years I felt like a kid again, hands out to cup the wind, perma-grin on my face, daydreaming about what’s to come in the Blood Toy series (and a few other stories I have in my head ready to be written down) as we navigated the twists and turns on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Polaris 2

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