Secret Identities and a Reading

Two days ago, I jokingly posted on my Facebook page: Work-life balance when you have a secret identity is really hard!  What I really wanted to post was: In two days, I am going to post a vlog (mostly) concealing my secret identity!  I might have felt a little silly donning the mask any other time of the year, but…it’s Halloween.  Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Secret Identities and a Reading

  1. I loved that.
    You said something that struck me. You re-wrote it like a million times. See? That’s what a lot of young authors are missing. I read these stories and it seems like if they just went through it a few more times they would have something that was perfect. Like Blood Toy. But instead, they rush to get it out there and wind up posting a 3 star novel instead of a 5 star.


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